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"The ego seeks intimacy through control and guilt. The Holy Spirit seeks intimacy through acceptance and release."
~ Marianne Williamson

The certification journey begins well before your first call as you search for your clients. C2C supports you through this often challenging time with two coaching sessions (the month prior to certification) focused specifically on helping you reach your client goals.

During the six-month program, you get time for both masterful one-on-one coaching and overall program support. C2C includes three full hour sessions per month. The first 40 minutes is your time to be a client and to experience working with a skilled certified coach. The remaining 20 minutes is dedicated to your learning and support. Itís a space for you to check in on what youíre doing and who youíre being in the program, ask your burning questions, debrief a skill used in the coaching or discuss something that came up in your homework. You might choose to design an accountability structure in which you check in with your coach on the various elements of the program. This space serves as Ground Central for you through certification, a place for answers, clarity, and big ahas!

The dips are the rough spots on the journey, the potholes in your path. Itís not uncommon in certification to find yourself stuck or feeling defeated or alone. We understand that you need more support at these times, and your coach is available for 5-10 minute check-ins to help you negotiate these spaces.

For many students, the oral exam is the biggest and scariest hurdle in certification. C2C includes a mock oral exam with two certified coaches to give you a taste of the experience and feedback for acing the real thing.

Plus, youíll get access to the C2C library which contains resource guides including Strategies For Getting Clients, Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Supervision and Ten Ways To Excel In Certification.

From the day you choose to get certified to the day you pass your exam, C2C holds and guides you through the process so that youíre assured to get the most out of the experience.