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"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being."
~ Hafiz

How is C2C special?

There are several elements in certification -- maintaining a client load, supervisions, tracking your progress, homework, pod calls, triad calls, walking your talk, the mid-term review, the written and oral exams, open topic calls... It can be and often is overwhelming, especially since certification is self-directed and relies on you to manage everything. C2C acts as Grand Central station for your certification journey, helping you balance it all and get the most out of the experience.

How much does C2C cost?

$295/month for 6 months or $1500 paid in full. The latter pre-paid option includes a $270 savings.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept Venmo.

Do you offer a free sample session?

Yes. Contact us at 510-754-0643 to schedule.

Can you help me figure out if certification is right for me?

Yes. Feel free to contact us for support in making your decision.

Is the coaching by phone or in person?

The coaching is conducted by phone/Skype, allowing us to work with clients around the world.

How do I enroll?

Contact us to let us know you’d like to enroll and submit payment.

When should I enroll? Can I enroll partway through certification?

We suggest you enroll in C2C as soon as you choose to enroll in certification. If you are switching coaches and want to enroll partway through your certification program, we will figure out a pro-rated rate based on the amount of time remaining.

Do you require a commitment?

Commitment is essential to a successful coaching relationship. We create a powerful intention to see you through the entire program and highly recommend that make a 6 month commitment. That said, we support your choice to end the coaching relationship when you feel the time is right.

Do I have the option to continue coaching beyond certification?

Yes. We are open to continuing the coaching beyond certification. It's an honor to support you as you develop your practice and bring your gifts to the world.